This program (business trip, tour) is intended for specific customer (firm, organization) or certain target groups with the same interests (doctors, machining workers, offices, tax advisors, etc.). Incentive events consist from effective marketing and beneficial features (e.g. reward for employees or business partners).

Basic element of incentive event for participants is to take part in attractive domestic or foreign program. Our goal is to provide our customers with complex and professional service in matter of incentive tourism.

Incentive visits – promotional tours form employees business partner, teambuilding, seminars, vocational courses, training, presentations, etc.

South Africa (Sun city, Cape Town, Johannesburg), Madagascar, Seychelles, Qatar, UAE, South Korea (Soul), Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain (London), Canada (Toronto)

All of the mentioned services provided by our company (tour management including) are always in accordance with the partner’s country legislation. Our working team includes capable advisors dealing with country legislation. Therefore, every single event, tour/visit, project program is closely analyzed. Proper contract encompassing all the details is always matter of course.


We prepare educational programs and seminars according to particular needs of our customers. This means that we are able to make tailor-made educational program right for your company. We propose to be focused on:
- changes in company’s organizational structure
- vision formulation and mission of your company
- communication improvement in entire company structure
- new market launching
- new company strategy forming
- leading posts quality incensing

Our programs are designed to help all the participants to be able to work out effective strategy and action planes which are suitable for implementation. Methods used during our seminars tend to combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We are also focused on interactive methods, group discussions, project, simulations, case studies and personal consulting. Our lectures are skilled experts who benefit from academic knowledge as well as from own real experience.


Term: October – November
Duration: 1 week
Place: Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Transport: fly-in
Accommodation: 3* - 5* hotel with half board
Capacity: 40 people

Program: Combination of educational program with free activities, relaxation
( golf, yachting, scuba-diving, fishing, jet – ski, surfing, sightseeing flights, powerboat rides to Praslin and La Digue Islands, etc.)


I. Human resources management
This course is intended for personnel officers and managers who deal with people.
The aim of this course is development of important competences necessary for personnel posts. It is focused on strategy of human resources management, professional skills and right approach in all levels.
Specific topic of educational course:
People, support of professional skills, management of relation between management board and employees within company, new strategy selection and promotion, recruitment, employee release and Assessment Centrum

II. Business engagement relations
The Business engagement relations course is aimed at companies’ top management. Engagement issues between entrepreneurs and their relation will be dealt as well as relations between entrepreneurs and their customers.
Specific topic of educational course:
Business contracts making, conclusions of contracts, dispute clarifying.
Contracts of purchase, location operis (contract for work), license contracts, mandate contracts, consignment contracts, brokerage contracts, credit contracts, commercial representation contracts, silent partnership contracts, in nominate contracts, contracts of cooperation, etc. Company sale and lease, company investment to capital stock – contracts making to secure obligations, company consulting.
Legal regulations of instruments provisory in commercial law – consulting and contracts making with security engagements – liability, right of lien, penalty clauses, etc. Debt collection and executor, working on timetable of payment, recognition of an obligation, cooperation with notary in case of making notaries record concerning recognition of an obligation with a permit to direct executor of debt (when the trial is not necessary in case of not undischarged obligation).

III. Managering – Commodity trading
Managering – Commodity trading has been developed to concern electrical energy, gas, stock, oil, coal and finance. Forex is suitable for individual businessmen, investors, companies’ or institutions’ financial managers and entrepreneurs who want to trade or have been trading on financial markets. This seminar is specialized on effective ways of trading on stock markets, commodity markets and currency markets where it is traded with financial instruments, CFD derivates, futures, opce and so on.

IV. Optimizing and financial controlling
This program has been designed for managers, firms possessors, controllers, financial and economical experts and everyone who would like to develop own abilities and career to get to know how to deal with financial assets.
Specific topic of educational course:
- Finance controlling
- Optimizing costs and profits
- Investment – projects’ categories, process of investment, forms of financing
- Accountancy – information systems, possession, sources, profit, fiscal asset evaluation,
- Return rate of investment methods
- Examples – planning, investing management and its profitability

It is always good to invest to your future

Make a profit twice. You can take an advantage of business trip for your education. Be active and do your progress in foreign language, try to improve your career and get to know interesting people, discover culture of visited country, get the language easily and fast. Study abroad can widen your perception of world. We will help you to find your course, manage tickets, visa and all other services.

Term: anytime
Duration: 2 – 8 weeks
Accommodation: according to your wishes
Tuition: Standard (20 lectures/week of English), Intensive (30 lectures/week)
Business (20 lectures/week of English and 10 lectures/week of business English)
Place: Great Britain, Malta, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Seychelles, etc.