Our services

Advertising services

- entire marketing and PR coverage
- graphic design (logotypes, guidelines, annual reports, prints, etc.)
- print offs (printed outputs)
- company exhibition arrangement domestically and abroad (3D visualization, exposition management – hiring,
..assembly, disassembly)
- sign making (large scale print offs, billboards, banners, posters, car stickers, lightening advertisements,
..add stands, etc.)
- event marketing (projects with immediate entry, team building, sales promotion, seminars, training, incentive
..features, company sessions)
- multimedia presentations (interactive companies’ presentations, 3D, web design, sales promotion,
..audio-video spots) PR (media communication, press conference, monitoring in partners countries)


Advertising services focused on sport events and its environment

- media and marketing consulting with concern to brand presentation, company image strengthening by linking it to
..prestigious sport discipline
- strategy planning of management according to customer’s needs, communication mix selection and feedback from .
targeting group gathering
- communication with media focused on sport, putting banners to online TV broadcasting (e.g. Gambinus league, O2
..ice-hockey extra league, UEFA, Euro Hockey Tour, Floor ball, Czech federation of indoor football)
- brand image presentation in world famous sport magazines
- Formula BMW UK Championship, Rally – car advertising stickers
- sport, cultural and social parties/meeting organizing
- VIP services

Business and legal consulting, international trade law

- legal services – international trade
- company adjusting and keeping services
- visa services
- license establishment
- information security management
- protection against competing business
- contracts making and relation management
- administration
- court management
- real estate agenda
- support service